Elective Lunar Surgery

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AOH Lunar Phase Healing 700x380

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Learn how both men and women can use the Moon to support their food choices, stress reduction, weight loss and wellbeing.

Includes 75min training (audio recording) and slides.

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Get instant access to 13 of my most popular lecture recordings including:
  1. Nature's 7 Healers
  2. Houses of Health Places of Problems
  3. Balancing the Benefics 
  4. Your Natal Health Story
  5. The Elements of Health
  6. Astro Eating & the 6th House
  7. Astro Nutrition (Food as Medicine)
  8. Cycles for Crisis & Cure
  9. Weight, Health & The Horoscope
  10. Elective Lunar Surgery
  11. 9 Step Approach to Medical Astrology

Normally $500 ~ Get it today for $300

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AOH Elective Lunar Surgery  700x380

Elective Lunar Surgery

Instant access to the recorded lecture

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