Solar Health Cycles


The Application of Solar Returns in Medical Astrology

Health and illness are never straightforward; life has a way of surprising us just when we think everything is going smoothly.

But what if you could foresee the bumps and turns ahead?

With "Solar Health Cycles," you can learn to assess your energetic health blueprint for the year using the solar return chart.

Sun astrology

Lecture Highlights

Yearly Health Insights: Learn to analyse your solar return chart to identify potential strengths and weaknesses in your health for the coming year.

Practical Applications: Understand how to use this blueprint to support your health proactively, addressing issues before they arise.

Expert Guidance: Kira Sutherland, an experienced medical astrologer, guides you through the process with practical insights and clear explanations.

Product Details

Presenter: Kira Sutherland
Level: All Levels
Lecture: 75min Video/Audio Recording from NORWAC 2024

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