Planetary Potions


Discover The Secrets Of Planetary Healing & How To Use Planetary Rulerships To Support Your Health 

In this comprehensive 2.5-hour workshop recording, you'll learn invaluable insights and practical advice for supporting planetary influences on health. Unravelling which planet is causing a health issue is only the beginning of the journey. What comes next is crucial. In "Planets and Potions," you'll learn how to support your health by understanding and working with planetary rulerships.

Planetary Potions Medical Astrology
Workshop Highlights:
  • Identify and Address Health Issues: Learn how to pinpoint planetary influences causing health problems and what to do next.

  • Holistic Support: Discover the herbs, foods, nutrients, and activities associated with each planet to support your health.

  • Sympathy vs Opposition: Explore when to treat with sympathy or by opposition and understand the timing of the body's natural healing processes.

  • Practical Insights: Gain practical, take-home information to apply to your own natal chart and enhance your well-being.

Tap into the ancient wisdom of planetary rulerships and take a step towards better health.

Product Details:
  • Presenter: Kira Sutherland

  • Level: All Levels

  • Lecture: 2.5hr Workshop Recording from NORWAC 2024

  • Access: Instant access, on-demand viewing

  • Cost: AUD$110


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