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Lunar Essences 1

These Lunar Essences are a combination of flower essences (both Bach and FES California essences) and lunar essences that I have been making for the last year during different phases of the moon cycle and at important and potent astrological line-ups.

I have used at least one moon phase for each element within the bottle and thus you have the full spectrum of fire, earth, air and water to call upon in that essence as well.

The cycle, ideally, begins with the New Moon because that's best to start projects, intuit a future and begins things.

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Personalized Calendar/Diary/Astro-Planner

This is the most amazing personalized calendar/diary and comprehensive astro-planner I have ever see and it can be started at any month of the year!

Wellbeing Astrology for 2021

This is an amazing yearly edition that is edited by Kelly Surtees and this year's compilation is full of fabulous articles.

The online digital version is available through Zinio here. The paper version is available in Australia at most news agencies or here.

THE London school of astrology

Learn astrology with a team of the most experienced consultants and award-winning astrologers (including Frank Clifford, Brian Clark and Kira Sutherland).

Online courses for all levels, completed in your own time, and regular Q&As for live tuition and support. Click the button below to sign up for a free account with free articles and videos.



Astrology Podcasts I Recommend

Tune into these info-rich conversations to deepen your knowledge on all things astrology.