This seminar series are advanced classes in Medical Astrology designed for Naturopathic, Nutritionist and other holistic health care practitioners who already have a good working knowledge of anatomy and physiology and want to learn more about how to interpret and apply the insights of the Natal Chart using the ancient art of health astrology. 


In taking these advanced classes, practitioners will get deeper insight into the interpretation and application of medical astrology to see the human body through a specific and energetic modality. Practitioners can then use this lens to see clients in a new dimension of their health and illnesses, and to apply holistic remedies to suit these insights.

AOH Square

Topics Covered In This Advanced Course

  • Chart analysis and practical applications

  • Astro fertility, conception, contraception and the Moon
  • Lunar Health (food, emotions, diets and eating issues)
  • Astro foods, herbs, activities and essences
  • Houses of health, and decumbiture charts
  • Nutrition, weight issues and astrology
  • Putting it all into practice with clients 



Ideally you must have already completed Level One or the Medical Astrology Mini-Course.


Kira Sutherland

Kira Sutherland has been practicing and teaching both Naturopathy, Sports Nutrition and Medical Astrology within Australia and internationally for the past 25 years. 

As a featured Medical Astrology lecturer and speaker around the globe, she combines her experience and wisdom of this topic in this specialist online class specifically targeting practitioners to enable them to see their clients' health issues from a new lens.

Kira Sutherland Sydney Australia

This course includes:

5 x 120min LECTURES

5 online lectures (recordings) available to watch anytime at your leisure via the online learning platform.


Learn how to read, interpret and apply the health and wellbeing insights provided from a Natal Chart.


Recording of the live Q&A session where I gave real-time feedback and insights on cases or interpretation technique.