Kira Sutherland has been teaching both Naturopathy and Medical Astrology within Australia and internationally for the past 25 years. 

As a featured Medical Astrology lecturer and speaker, she combines her experience and wisdom of this topic in this seminar series specifically targeting holistic health practitioners.

In taking these classes, practitioners will get another tool or lens to see the human body through a specific and energetic modality. Use this lens to see your clients in a new dimension of their health and illnesses.

Topics Covered In This SEMINAR SERIES

    • Introduction to Astro-Medicine
    • The Elements and Modes
    • The 12 signs of the zodiac and their corresponding health issues
      • The planets and their health influence
  • Basics of chart reading/house placement
  • Interpreting Chart Examples
  • Herbs, nutrition, and Bach flowers for each of the 12 signs
  • Discussions and case studies

This Medical Astrology Seminar Series is ideal for holistic health practitioners and students.

This training includes:

5 x 120min LECTURES

All lectures accessible instantly upon purchase and available to watch anytime at your leisure via the online learning platform.


Learn how to read, interpret and apply the health and wellbeing insights provided from a Natal Chart.


An ebook on The Basics Of Astrology to get you up to speed before diving into the details provided in the lectures.

  • Kira Sutherland

    “Kira loves her work. Very passionate. A good teacher!”

    Nutritionist and Astrologist

  • Kira Sutherland

    “Informative and interesting.”