Natures 7 Healers and the Zodiac

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“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease” - Thomas Edison

This article was originally published in Wellbeing Astrology 2016

In Naturopathy there is a system of healing referred to as ‘Natures 7 Doctors’, they are the seven principles to live by to create health, well-being and balance in our lives. In natal Astrology there are 7 inner planets which act on our lives on a ‘personal level’.  By combining these two systems using modern medical astrology and symbolism I hope to explain how working with your 7 inner planets can help guide you on your journey to better health.  

The plan is simple; if you work with these ‘7 doctors’ you will be doing a lot to improve your overall health, well-being and longevity. 

  1. Sunshine / Get adequate safe amounts
  2. Whole foods / Good nutrition
  3. Clean water / Hydration
  4. Fresh Air / Proper breathing
  5. Exercise / Movement
  6. Sleep / Rest
  7. Mental and Emotional Wellbeing 

I use this list when I teach Naturopathy as well as for corporate health lectures. People often read the list at first and say ‘well that’s obvious and a bit simplistic ’. Of course I agree they are simple but my question back to them is this, ‘How many of these do you actually do on a daily basis?’ On average most people make it to 3 or 4 if they are being really good. Our modern, busy lives make it very difficult to find the time to take care of ourselves.  To have good health is of the utmost importance but unfortunately it often takes a back seat.  How can we make this a priority and how does medical astrology fit in with all of this? 

By working with your personal planets, seeing what it is that they crave to do or express is what I have found can get people to a 5 or even a 6 on the list. Let’s take a closer look at each of the 7 Doctors and how they correlate to our personal planets.  If you know your Natal chart and can look up where each planet is by sign and house this will make all the difference. If you don’t know your birth time you can still find out what sign each of your inner planets are in, there are many websites where you can find this out such at etc.  If you know the houses the planets are in all the better but don’t worry if you don’t, the houses are only the icing on the cake. 

1. The Sun = Sunshine 

The Sun is who we are at our most basic level; it is our Vital Force (vitality) as they say in Naturopathic philosophy. How often do we take the time to go out in the sunshine, to relax and ‘take sun’ as the Europeans would say. It was considered a treatment for many ailments in the early 1900’s, to rest in the rays of the early morning Sun.  When we stop to do this, we are making time for ourselves and this resonates deeply with our Vital Force. It also allows our bodies to synthesize Vitamin D through our exposed skin. Vitamin D is needed in the body to: help regulate Calcium usage and create strong bones, for supporting the immune system and is linked to the prevention of some cancers, MS and diabetes.  

What sign is the Sun in your chart?  What house does it sit in and what does this represent for you?   Are you taking time to do the things that your Sun sign and Vital Force craves?  

For just 30 minutes per day, take your body outside into the early morning sunlight and do something that enriches and supports it.  In medical astrology I always like to say to my clients ‘if you keep a planet happy and use it, it is less likely to use you  in an unhealthy way!  An easy example for this is to think of a Taurus who gets out in the sun and gardens. See other examples below:

  • Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) - sports, hiking in nature 
  • Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) – gardening, walking pets, reading
  • Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) – reading, sitting and socialising
  • Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) – meditation, walking near water, going to the beach 

2 & 3. The Moon – Whole foods/good nutrition and hydration/clean water 

Yes I am covering two of the topics with one planet (or luminary to be exact). The Moon has so much sway in our lives astrologically that I thought it a good match. The Moon rules our digestion, diet patterns, emotional eating and of course anything to do with water in the body. These two topics are at the core of good health yet are so hard to stay on track with. By giving our body the right ‘nourishment’ it can then give back to us with good health, energy and vitality!  

Where does the Moon reside in your chart? What Sign is it in and what house? 

How does your Moon like to be expressed, what nourishes your soul and gives you emotional strength?  This can be a key to healthy eating and drinking. When you take the time to give ‘soul food’ to your lunar energy, you may find you make healthier choices with more ease.  When we ‘feed’ ourselves energetically we don’t have the urge to ‘over feed or drink’ ourselves to make up for the short fall. I know this won’t fix all your dietary habits but it is a great starting point.  If you don’t know much about your Moon, look it up and find those things that can make it feel nourished. 

Moon by Sign

  • Aries – adventure, time to yourself and sports.  Brain foods such as: olive oil, coconut oil, walnuts and iron rich foods. Making sure you do not become dehydrated with all that ‘fire’ and keeping caffeine and alcohol to a minimum. 
  • Taurus- creating, cooking, music and art. Foods such as: salads, fresh fruit, seaweed, prunes and nothing too heavy or in excess. Hot water and lemon slices and not too much red wine! 
  • Gemini – socialising, reading and study. Foods for the nervous system such as: raw seeds and nuts, olive oil and whole grains. Carrying around a water bottle for hydration as its easy for them to forget to drink
  • Cancer- Being near or in the water, emotional expression, writing/journaling and relaxing at home. Foods to strengthen their digestive system such as: bitter greens, warm, hearty soups, stir fry vegetables and fresh fruits. Herbal teas are a great for hydration as is warm water and lemon slices. 
  • Leo – using your creativity, playing sports and listening to music. Foods for strength such as: spinach, eggs, beet root, salads and the broccoli family. Be aware of dehydration as with all fire signs they need good amounts due to their excess heat and sporting endeavours. 
  • Virgo – routine, feeling useful and productive, mental stimulation. Foods for easy digestion: bitters, lemon, lightly cooked vegetables, fennel and olives. Water needs to be warm and digestive herbal teas such as Dandelion or Chamomile. 
  • Libra – The arts, socialising and helping others. Foods: seaweeds, fresh salads, berries, celery and not too many sweets. Fluids such as vegetables juices limit the alcohol and sweetened drinks while socialising.
  • Scorpio - deep conversation, research, time to oneself for reflection. Foods of a cleansing nature: vegetable juices, citrus and salads, cherries and beet root. Herbal teas, filtered water and limiting alcohol are vital for this water sign.
  • Sagittarius – New activities, freedom and inspiration. Foods for energy: oats, greens, seeds, nuts and iron foods.  Fresh water in substantial amounts depending on how high the activity/sports levels are. 
  • Capricorn – Being productive, responsible and being a leader. Foods of a warming nature: soups, stews, root vegetables and leafy greens. Water is best room temperature or warm in a herbal tea or hot water and lemon.  
  • Aquarius – independence and being original. Foods for grounding and the nerves: Root veggies, seeds and nuts and good oils. Remembering to drink fluids would be a start. Chamomile and Lemon balm tea. 
  • Pisces - Imagination, creativity and connection. Foods of a warming nature: soups, stir fry vegetables and not over eating or drinking. Plenty of water for this fish please and alcohol does not count as fluid intake! 

4. Mercury – Fresh Air

The planet Mercury has a connection to the brain and nervous system, the lungs and respiration.  It is interesting to note then when we are stressed one of the first things we do is to unintentionally hold our breath or to breathe in a shallow manner. The two systems are closely related on both an energetic and a physical level.  

What does your Mercury need to be happy, to express itself by sign and house?  What brain food do you want?  What activities will make you want to take a deep breath of air and feel great to be alive? Just by getting out into the sunshine (Sun) and by exercising (Mars- is next up) it will make you take in more oxygen and revitalise your spirit. If feeling stressed try sitting quietly and take 7 deep breathes from deep in your belly, not just the chest. Just by stopping for this short time can help to re-oxygenate a foggy brain and relax a stressed nervous system.  

No matter the sign or house of Mercury we can all use some quiet time, to breathe deeply, meditate and let our mind and lungs regenerate. 

5. Mars – Exercise

‘Get your Mars on’ is what I say to my clients and students. Get it going, fire it up and get moving. Mars rules the muscles, the burning of energy in the body, your drive, confidence and warrior spirit! Finding a sport/activity that your Mars sign enjoys is vital to actually wanting to get moving. For example; Mars in a water sign will be drawn to swimming, surfing or other such water sport. Mars in Fire signs want action, running or maybe a competitive sport so they can do ‘battle’. Mars in Air people are often drawn to dance, yoga or a team activity. Mars in Earth signs can take any of the above; they just need to find the motivation to make it a permanent habit!  

Exercise is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT things you can do for your long term health. It decreases your chance of many cancers by as much as 50%, it stimulates your immune system, makes you breath more deeply, is an antidepressant, speeds up your metabolism and makes you feel better about your body. Who doesn’t want all of those? As I said before, ‘get your Mars on’ and into action or a least walking every day to start with.  Getting active, using your Mars energy can in turn give you a confidence boost to be more decisive, bold and assertive in other areas of your life as well. 

6. Saturn and Venus – Sleep, rest and relaxation

You would think that sleep, which is free and feels so good, would be on everyone’s ‘top’ priority list. The human body needs on average 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep,  anything less can lead to decreased performance in many areas of our body inclusive of; memory, mood, blood sugar stability and immune function. Saturn is the original ruler of sleep; I like to think of him as the back bone or strength giver to our body, creating stability and structure. When one is overworked and stressed one of the first things to suffer is usually sleep. By acknowledging Saturn and working with its energy, people will often find that they stop ‘worrying’ as much and in turn will sleep better.  Think of your Saturn as a place you need to go to regenerate yourself and find your centre. 

Venus on the other hand is about relaxation and rest. She is the Goddess of love and beauty and enjoys herself with life’s pleasures.  So if Saturn is feeling a bit hard to work on, maybe go for the restful and relaxing nature of your Venus.  What pleasures will make for a happy Venus in your chart? Rest is as good as a holiday they say well your Venus will not argue with that. What would you consider a great vacation? This may give you a hint as to what makes your Venus ‘let go and relax’. It is OK to do this!  When you get your Venus in the groove it in turn can make you more open and magnetic to attract those things in your life that you desire. 

7. Jupiter – Emotional and Mental Wellbeing

Jupiter rules growth, optimism, aspirations, vision and can be quite playful. It likes a great adventure or philosophical conversation and was known in ancient times as the great benefic planet.  Where your Jupiter is can give insight into things that can create fun, adventure of spirit and expansion to one’s soul. Learning to play with your Jupiter can greatly assist your well-being.

Jupiter in Fire signs – Sports, adventures, creating something new

Jupiter in Earth sign – Building, nurturing or organising something

Jupiter in Air – Study, socialising or inventing

Jupiter in Water – Connecting emotionally, creating or immersion in a fun project

No one planet can really be in charge of this final category.  Truly I think all planets have a role to play in your mental health and well-being, though Jupiter would like to take credit for it all.  If you do a little something every day from the previous 6 categories you will find that this last one starts to take care of itself. By trying to use your planets in a symphony rather than just playing solo instruments it can go a LONG way to your overall well-being. 

So I hope you have enjoyed your ‘inner planet’ journey.  Have a play with your chart, write down each of your planets, their signs/houses and create a list of key words and activities that you could do for each category. See how many things you can do in a week or choose to focus on one planet per week to see how you feel. Pay special attention to the ones that you are not great at giving attention to.  It does not have to be a huge overhaul of your health, just small steps to nourish each planet and your Vital Force! 

All the best, 

Kira Sutherland