Medical Astrology

Introduction to Medical Astrology

introduction to medical astrology

I was so pleased to participate in a wonderful free lecture series on astrology created by Stormie Grace on YouTube. 

This project is filled with information about all aspects of astrology, all contributed by volunteer lecturers. 

My contribution was an hour-long Introduction to Medical Astrology where I got to talk about my favourite part of astrology - Medical Astrology. 

Watch the full video below and check out other videos in the project here.

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If you…

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Fertility and Astrology

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Astrology has long been used to predict events, explain personality traits and in medical astrology to show its influence over our health issues. Medical astrology can also be used to look at fertility and all that surrounds the journey of having children. In years gone by this type of medical astrology was used to determine if someone would ever have children, if their child would live a long and healthy life, which sex it would be, and how many children one would have. In our modern age with…

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The Elements of Health

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(Originally published in Wellbeing Astrology Magazine 2008 as Picture of Health)

The Elements of Health

In medical astrology one of the first things to focus on are the elements. What element does your Sun and Moon belong to? These two luminaries are the cornerstone of our personal makeup, who we are and how we approach life both physically and emotionally. The elements provide us with an easy to use balancing system for our physical health and mental wellbeing that is simple to apply to our…

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Natures 7 Healers and the Zodiac

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“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease” - Thomas Edison

This article was originally published in Wellbeing Astrology 2016

In Naturopathy there is a system of healing referred to as ‘Natures 7 Doctors’, they are the seven principles to live by to create health, well-being and balance in our lives. In natal Astrology there are 7 inner planets which act on our lives on a ‘per…

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