Fertility and Astrology

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Astrology has long been used to predict events, explain personality traits and in medical astrology to show its influence over our health issues. Medical astrology can also be used to look at fertility and all that surrounds the journey of having children. In years gone by this type of medical astrology was used to determine if someone would ever have children, if their child would live a long and healthy life, which sex it would be, and how many children one would have. In our modern age with the incredible advances in surgery and medicine, we can overcome many obstacles of the past with fertility treatments, surgery, herbal medicine and our knowledge of prenatal nutrition. So what does astrology still have to teach us about fertility, conception and birth? The influences learned in the past still apply but in modern times they just have slightly different definitions and more positive outcomes. 

The Moon and Fertility

The Moon represents all that is feminine. She is the ruler of fertility, reproduction, growth, cycles and menstruation. She is the Great Mother Goddess and is considered the divine nourisher of life, motherhood and childbirth. Her cycle of 28 days is connected to that of a woman’s menstrual cycle and it is still more common for women to experience their periods at the New or the Full Moon. The average length of a pregnancy is 10 lunar months (40 weeks) and the growing changes of a woman’s body during pregnancy in ancient times were considered to be a symbol of the Great Goddess herself.

In 1956 a Czechoslovakian Psychiatrist and Astrologer, Dr Eugene Jonas rediscovered what is known as the Lunar Fertility Method from an ancient Babylonian text that stated ‘A woman was fertile according to the shape of the Moon’. His research on the Lunar Fertility Cycle has disseminated around the world and is now practised and taught by many Astrologers and Practitioners of both Modern and Complementary medicine. 

Each sign of the Zodiac contains 30 degrees, thus all 12 signs in total add up to 360 degrees which is represented by the circular shape of the birth chart. Each Planet in a birth chart sits not only in a sign of the zodiac but upon a specific degree of that sign. For example, someone born on the first day of Aries (March 20th or thereabout depending on the year) will have their Sun at the first degree of Aries. If this same person was born with their Moon sign at 1 degree of Libra which is the opposite sign to Aries it would mean that they were born on the Full Moon as the Sun and the Moon are directly opposite each other in the Natal chart.   

The Lunar Fertility Cycle is calculated by measuring the distance (the angle) between the Sun and the Moon in one's Natal birth chart. The angle between these two (luminaries) can also be described in the easier to grasp the idea of Moon shapes. If one is born just minutes after the New Moon then the degree’s between the Sun and the Moon would be very small (1-2 degree’s) whereas if one is born at the Full Moon (as described above) then they are 180° apart and will be in opposite signs

The table below shows the different Moon shapes and their degrees which directly correlate to how far the Moon has moved from the Sun since the most recent New Moon. Alternatively, if you go to the chart calculator section of my website you can do this for yourself. 

Moon Shape Degrees from the Sun Days into  lunar month
New Moon  0-44° 0-3 ½ days after new moon
Crescent Moon 45-89° 3 ½ -7 days
First Quarter Moon 90-134° 7-10 ½ days
Gibbous Moon 135-179° 10 ½ -14 days
Full Moon 180-224° 14-17 ½ days 
Disseminating Moon 225-269° 17 ½ - 21 days
Last Quarter Moon 270-314° 21 -24 ½ days
Balsamic Moon 315-360° 24 ½ -28 days

What Dr Jonas re-discovered was that each month when the Moon is the same shape as on the day you were born there is a potential for ovulation to occur. So for people trying to conceive this gives them a second chance each month to try for a baby beside the regular ovulation period. It is also suggested that if one's ovulation or menstruation coincides with one's lunar peak that it is a super ‘potent’ time to try for a baby. Many practitioners and clinics can help to calculate when one's exact ‘lunar peak’ occurs and then one can chart it onto a monthly calendar. Due to sperm life being many days it is suggested that if conception is desired to have sex in the 1-2 days prior to one’s lunar peak day so that the sperm have a chance to migrate to where the egg will be.  

On the other hand, if contraception is desired this shows a clear second window each month where protection or abstinence is required. It is again suggested to be cautious for the 2 days prior to the lunar peak as well as the day itself and the day after. 

For men, it has been suggested that they also have a lunar peak when the Moon is at the same angle to the Sun as the day they were born. It is theorised that their sperm is more ‘potent’ at this time as well. It would be unusual for a couple to have the same lunar peak but on the other hand, a man’s lunar peak may fall on his partner’s regular ovulation which could be a good thing as well.

The lunar peak that occurs every month is not only a great time for conception but also relates to fertility in other areas of our lives. It is said to be a sacred 24 hour period (the 12 hours before and after the actual peak) where we have greater intuition and clarity about our lives. Many astrologers suggest using this ‘peak time’ to your advantage and take note of how we feel, what our dreams are telling us and to journal during this special period. Insights glimpsed from the lunar peak are quickly forgotten once the peak has passed so make sure to write things down.  It is a great time to nourish and give back to yourself such as; taking baths, meditation, journaling and sleep. 

Fertility Charts 

Once the lunar peak has been determined charts can be drawn up for the exact moment of the peak for the next 12 months. For most people just knowing the lunar peak is sufficient or it can be taken one step further and the monthly lunar peak charts can be examined as to what other planetary influences are at work for that exact moment and how they can hinder or benefit one's conception chances.  

The Natal Chart and Fertility

One’s own birth (natal) chart can say many things about what the potentials are for children and becoming a parent. There are many things to focus on in relation to these issues and an astrologer must look to certain houses, planets and even asteroids to decipher the story being told. Listed below are the important factors to consider.

Moon – Represents the Female in all her names is a very important factor in determining the strength of fertility. A Moon in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) is said to be the most favourable. More importantly, if the Moon has positive (benific) aspects to Jupiter or Venus this is said to be of a most favourable nature. Some cultures are known to sew Moonstones into their clothing to aid in the blessing of conceiving children.

Venus – Represented by the Goddess Aphrodite is also associated with fertility, love, attraction and the female sex drive. Her placement in one's chart is an important factor to consider when looking for future offspring. Placement in the 5th house is seen as very favourable. William Lilly an English Astrologer and physician wrote extensively on fertility in the 1600s and said of Venus that ‘When she contacts the Sun or Moon by transit it will show when in a person’s life they will/can have children.

Jupiter – Represented by the God Zeus in mythology had many liaisons that resulted in the birth of many children. Jupiter is thus associated favourably with fertility and procreation. Jupiter found in one's natal 5th house is seen to represent an abundance of children if one so desires.

Chiron – The planetoid Chiron also known as the wounded healer can be an area where we must journey through a healing crisis be it mental, emotional or physical. It is often active by transit at times of conception, birth, abortion or miscarriage. It can be a positive outcome such as the birth of a child or it can be a more negative one such as miscarriage. Chiron transits to the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and the Ascendant can be considered positive times for conception.  When the planet Uranus has transited to Chiron it is said that ‘unexpected pregnancies’ often occur. 

Ceres – the asteroid Ceres also known as Demeter is the Goddess of grain and fertility. She is the ruler of harvest time and agriculture but she is also the nurturing mother who is associated with childbearing and fertility along with the Moon.  Positive transits are said to benefit fertility.

Juno – the asteroid Juno is the Goddess Hera and is the ruler of marriage and the female reproductive cycle. Juno in a natal chart is often prominent by transit when a woman conceives. 

The Ascendant – is another point that can be helpful for the conception of children. Watery signs are given the most strength but any sign on the Ascendant, when triggered by Jupiter or Venus, is considered a favourable time for conception.  The Ascendant is the beginning of the Natal chart and is a fantastic place for ‘starting something new’. 

The 5th house - is the part of the birth chart that rules children, pregnancy and creativity. Astrologers both ancient and modern have looked to this house for the story around having children that will be played out. It is said to be more positive if the sign on the cusp is water or earth both being more fruitful /fertile. Planets within this house are the energies that the individual must express. Moon, Venus and Jupiter are the best planets to find in this house for having a family. The planets Saturn, Mars and Uranus are considered the more difficult ones to have in the 5th house. In years past they were said to be hindrances to falling pregnant or becoming a parent but with the advent of modern medicine and our current knowledge of the human body, this is no longer the case.  

If Uranus was in the 5th it was judged that the individual would do parenting in a ‘different way’ such as adoption, stepchildren or working with kids. In modern times this can also mean a need for intervening measures such as fertility drugs, seeking help from alternative medicine practitioners, the use of herbs, the lunar fertility cycle or the need for IVF. Uranus in the 5th is also a common placement for women who purposely choose not to have children of their own and instead use this Uranian energy in the pursuit of creative projects. 

What if the 5th house is empty? When a house is empty it does not mean there will be no children it just implies that it is not a ‘focus’ or urgent matter for that individual in this lifetime. When planets transit through this house the focus will be drawn to such matters and this is often when people do start to consider having a family. Saturn is a prime example that transiting the 5th can bring a desire for the grounding structure that having a family can bring.

Pluto in the 5th house was said in the olden days to be a placement for having to get married due to an ‘unplanned’ pregnancy. This is not such an issue in 2011 and just a word of caution if one is not looking for a committed relationship to be more careful with such a planetary placement.

More than 1 planet in the 5th was foretold to indicate having more than one offspring and the nature of the planet was said to describe the personality and gender of the child. For example, Mars in the 5th could mean a male child with a fiery and dynamic nature whereas the Moon would be a female child with a nurturing and emotional personality.

11th house – is opposite to the 5th house and is considered a favourable place for such planets as Venus, Jupiter or the Moon to reside for a procreative chart. It is the house directly opposite the 5th house and is considered to be the influence from one's marriage partner that it represents. 

Sex Selection

The question always comes around to this as well. Can you help to determine if the child will be a boy or a girl? Theoretically one can aid the process by trying to conceive on either a masculine or a feminine Moon. 

  • The masculine signs are Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius
  • The feminine signs are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces

The idea of this is great but we must remember that it can take many days from the time of intercourse until the time of conception and the Moon may very well have changed signs by then. The Moon changes signs approximately every 2 ½ days and alternates between feminine and masculine signs. To help with the sex selection some Naturopaths prescribe dietary recommendations that are either more acidic or alkaline in nature to help with this process.  One must remember that astrology is NEVER a guarantee when it comes to the sex of the baby. Just as a wise person once said, ‘You get what you are meant to have not what you want.’


There is no definite in astrology, there are always possibilities. Even what looks like a difficult alignment can be worked through either on a physical level or more often by dealing with the emotional and mental issues that it represents. Flower essences are a great way to work with blocked energy from a chart and can be easily purchased and taken without interfering with other treatments. 

Each of the astrological signs has been assigned to one of the original ’12 healers’ that Edward Bach created. Where there is an issue with a planet try taking the corresponding Bach flower for the sign that the planet is in, or make a mixed remedy that is from your Sun (Vitality), Moon(Emotions), Ascendant(Physical body and how you react under stress), Mercury(Mind) and Saturn(Fear).  Most importantly please be gentle with yourself while you are on this journey and may your days be blessed with whatever it is that you need. 

Astro sign Bach Flower
Aries Impatiens
Taurus Gentian
Gemini Cerato
Cancer Clematis
Leo Agrimony
Virgo Centaury
Libra Scleranthus
Scorpio Chicory
Sagittarius Agrimony
Capricorn Mimulus
Aquarius Water Violet
Pisces Rock Rose

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