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Stress and the Rising Sign

by Kira Sutherland

© Kira Sutherland - published by The Evolving Astrologer, March 2023 / 16.08.2023

health and wellbeing
Health and wellbeing

In Medical Astrology, there are two main charts to assess when consulting with a client. We can create a decumbiture (horary) chart for the moment the person falls ill or asks for help. This chart gives us a better sense of the present medical situation and can offer clues that help with diagnosis and possible courses of treatment. We also look to the natal chart as a blueprint of a person’s core strengths and weaknesses and the lessons that may help them navigate their health issues over their lifetime. As a practising Australian Naturopath and medical astrologer that loves to get to the “root cause” of a problem, the natal chart assessment is my favourite way to investigate how to support and nurture someone’s well-being.


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