Understanding the Influence of Astrology on Human Lives

astrology human lives

Earlier this month, I was a guest on Rachel Watkins Live Your RAW Life podcast, where we talked all about the influence of astrology on our human lives. 

In this episode, we chatted about:

  • how I work with clients naturopathically and incorporate medical astrology in my treatments
  • Herring's Law of Cure to understand how the human body heals itself
  • the importance of taking breaks and letting the body rest
  • the role of eating healthy and nutritious food as part of taking care of our bodies an…

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Lunar Phase Return in Medical Astrology

lunar phase return podcast

Recently, I sat down with Emily Tennison at the Healing Corner to chat about understanding our lunar phrase return, especially when starting any new diet, workout routine or detox program. 

In this podcast, we covered so much ground, including: 

  • constitutional quirks
  • malefic and benefit planets
  • horary chart
  • lunar cycles and disseminating moon
  • lunar phase returns

and so much more. 

Catch the full episode at your favourite podcast platform:

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Introduction to Medical Astrology

introduction to medical astrology

I was so pleased to participate in a wonderful free lecture series on astrology created by Stormie Grace on YouTube. 

This project is filled with information about all aspects of astrology, all contributed by volunteer lecturers. 

My contribution was an hour-long Introduction to Medical Astrology where I got to talk about my favourite part of astrology - Medical Astrology. 

Watch the full video below and check out other videos in the project here.

Learn more about Medical Astrology

If you…

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Personal Hormonal Cycle & The Moon Cycle

AOH Blog

My former classmate in Astrology, Kelly Surtee, and I recently shared a detailed discourse about the Female Monthly Hormonal Cycle and Moon phases.

If you're into Medical Astrology, you’ll’ love our chat about my work on how to relate the personal hormonal cycle with the Moon cycle, and how it repeats a similar shape and acquires a similar angle alongside our body cycles.

We also discuss the applications of Medical Astrology in your daily routine and general wellbeing using different moon phas…

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Perimenopause, Menopause & Astrology

Medical Astrology of Health Blog  (3)

I was thrilled to share space with Alicia Yusuf in an active discussion about Perimenopause. Alicia is a goldmine of knowledge and talent as an astrologer and also a counsellor.

Our discussion resolves the myths and doubts around Perimenopause while establishing the fact that Perimenopause and Menopause are distinct, and further detailing the differences between them. I further explain how women's hormonal cycles differ separately with Perimenopause and Menopause.

We further dive into the symp…

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Medical Astrology for Daily Life

AOH Blog  (1)

It was an amazing and energetic experience on being the first Medical Astrologer to feature on the Oraculos True Divination Podcast alongside the host Micheal Abryan. 

We talked about how I tapped into Medical Astrology from traditional Astrology, and my astrology practices for mental healing, wellness, and other practical actions. 

Medical Astrology gives such different and dynamic control and understanding about what we are and how we are, and Michael and I discuss the different areas of ast…

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The Moon and Mercury RX: Interview with Nissa Liu

Medical Astrology of Health Blog

I was excited to share space with Nissa Liu @via_nissa_ recently to discuss all things Mercury Retrograde and Lunar Essences, and how they affect the human experience.

Nissa is a powerhouse in the astrology world and has extensive experience as a counselling astrologer, content creator, and keynote speaker. She finds passion in the transcendent power of storytelling and the spectrum of the human experience explored through the languages of astrology, symbology, and mythological archetypes.


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Medical Astrology in Practice


Recently I was a guest on the School of Evolutionary Herbalism podcast where I went over the process of dealing with my clients, measuring protocols, assessing their problems, and providing them with solutions all using Medical Astrology.

As well as talking about my day-to-day practices with my clients, I shed light on Medical Astrology from different angles such as understanding somebody’s problem, determining the constitution, and coming up with the best remedies to offer secure and quick res…

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How the Houses Describe Ways to Boost Your Health


I was happy to share my thoughts with Tony Howard at the Astrology University Podcast about overall health keeping amidst an ongoing global health crisis and addressed the health practices we have been neglecting.

The global pandemic is a blessing in disguise for we finally have time to ponder over our overall health and lead towards nurturing the body. People need to make wiser choices in terms of the food they eat and the way it affects them.

We discussed how approaching the 1st house and 6t…

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A Discussion on the Astrology of Medical Houses

Medical Astrology of Health Blog  (1)

In this podcast episode, I share my thoughts and learning with Stormie Grace about houses in Medical Astrology and how they play their part in our lives while enabling the understanding of their usage and being aware of the changes we experience.

Houses have become relevant in Medical Astrology because they represent a part of our bodies, and we also talk about how they are different from medical houses.

I also explain each house for different signs and which part of our body and life relates …

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