Medical Astrology in Practice


Recently I was a guest on the School of Evolutionary Herbalism podcast where I went over the process of dealing with my clients, measuring protocols, assessing their problems, and providing them with solutions all using Medical Astrology.

As well as talking about my day-to-day practices with my clients, I shed light on Medical Astrology from different angles such as understanding somebody’s problem, determining the constitution, and coming up with the best remedies to offer secure and quick results.

I also share my insights on the basic aspects and their difference for people based on their distinct astrological profile. The discussion also revolves around how these foundational aspects are communicated through a personalized process suitable for that unique character.

This episode holds incredible value and by practicing the tools I shared, one can extract productivity, effectiveness, and wellness in their daily life.

Listen to the episode:

More details about this episode can be found here.


Medical Astrology in Practice

For health and holistic practitioners who wish to advance their knowledge of Medical Astrology for use with clients and in practice, I have a two-tier training program available online that covers the fundamentals and advanced practices.

Level One of Medical Astrology for Practitioners covers:

  • Introduction to Astro-Medicine
  • The Elements and Modes
  • The 12 signs of the zodiac and their corresponding health issues
  • The planets and their health influence
  • Basics of chart reading/house placement
  • Interpreting Chart Examples
  • Herbs, nutrition, and Bach flowers for each of the 12 signs
  • Discussions and case studies

Find out more about this training.

Level Two of Medical Astrology for Practitioners covers:

  • Chart analysis and practical applications
  • Astro fertility, conception, contraception and the Moon
  • Lunar Health (food, emotions, diets and eating issues)
  • Astro foods, herbs, activities and essences
  • Houses of health, and decumbiture charts
  • Nutrition, weight issues and astrology
  • Putting it all into practice with clients

Find out more about this advanced training.